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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Two - count them - TWO Concerts in one week!

We will be ROCKIN' out for the Lord in two weeks, and I'm so very excited!

I'm doing a happy dance today when I realized that I'm about to see my two favorite Christian performers...with in the same week!

2/21 PHIL KEAGGY - ultimately my favorite musician. This man has a HUGE heart for the Lord, and is an amazing, amazing guitar player. I was introduced to him back in the early 90's at college by a friend who said..if you like Paul McCartney, you're going to love this guy...and I did! At first, the attraction was definitely his vocal similarity to Paul, and the fact that he was a Beatles fan and had an album called Sunday's Child that was influenced heavily by Beatle music, but within a few weeks of listening, it was Phil's music and message that outshined any similarity to Paul. I've seen him a few times in my before-Russ life, but only once in the last 8 years or so. I either miss him, or some life-event gets in the way. But...this time, we're going! 2/21 - Park Cities Baptist Church in Dallas!

Here's a video of Phil's 'thing' - his loop machine
Salvation Army Band

2/26 - THIRD DAY - my favorite band, yes, surpassing even the Beatles because their of their heart for service and their message! I have yet to be able to see them, though they are in Dallas every tour. They are coming as part of Winter Jam along with the Newsboys and a few other bands. And for $10 a ticket, the whole family can go without breaking the bank. I'm excited to see Newsboys with Russ, because he introduced me to them back before we were married, and I saw them here alone, so it'll be fun to see them together with him. And this will be the boys first 'rock' concert, and what a way to introduce them to it!

This is an acoustic version of one of my favorite songs of theirs.
Call My Name

and one of my other favorite songs..
This is Who I Am

There's a thing about concerts with other many excited bodies in one room praising God together, and having a ton of fun doing it! And I can't wait to introduce the boys to the concept that it's not only Mom and Dad rockin' it for Jesus :)


Amanda said...

Mom and Dad rockin for Jesus... YEAH YOU!! I love it!! And what a pure and amazing form of Praise to our King!!! I get chills just thinking bout it. You have FUn!!

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