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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Race fans...Start Your Engines!

Well, cool them off since the races are over..but look at these incredible boys and their Pine Derby Cars!

Here are the results:

1st in Division - Speed
1st in Division - Unique Design
3rd in Division - Best Design

2nd in Division - Speed
1st in Division - Best Design

It was so cute watching Aiden get so excited about seeing his car up there to race the first time. Connor seemed more interested in just collecting his ribbons (before he even raced? LOL), but Russ was most pleased with the evening having helped the boys create some rockin' fast cars!

We had a huge crowd last night and the structure was set up differently than we've done in years past. We had two heats and all ages raced against each other in the heats. Then they used the software to break out by age group, and awards were given at that point. Connor came in 7th overall and Aiden 14th. There are some serious family pinewood derby dynasties in our church. Connor's only got a couple of years left in the program, and I'm determined that next year, we'll win best in show with our amazing Tardis derby car :)


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