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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ash Wednesday Cross Craft for Lent

I got this idea from this site and wanted to do it with the boys this morning for a craft. We got to talk about where the name Ash Wednesday comes from, our first day of Lent, and fire safety LOL Connor was just a little too enthusiastic to play with the matches.

Ash Wednesday Matchstick Cross

You'll need:
2 unburned matches
85-90 matches, burned, and the heads tapped off.
chipboard or thin cardboard. We used scrapbook paper, but it didn't hold up well to the glue.
Frame - optional

Take 2 clean matches and cut off the match head. Cut one of them in half (scissors work just fine)

Take the full sized match and place it in the middle of your paper. Take the 2 halved pieces and place them at either side to form a cross.

Then, at a diagonal, place matches going out (we used 10 in each diagonal segment). You'll then form the straight areas of the cross from the diagonal indentions.

Following our photo - just create the same pattern. I don't want to copy the websites instructions for copyright issues, but it's fairly easy to see the photo and follow the pattern. As soon as it's dried, we'll put the paper onto the backing, reframe and hang to have it serve as a reminder the season of Lent.

I found that putting the glue on the match was easier than trying to make sure you had enough glue on the paper, which just buckled it and was messy. Doing each match was good for dexterity practice.

The boys enjoyed doing the craft (we're sorely lacking on craft time this year), and we had a great talk about Lent and our observances....and lots of talk about fire safety and match play. However, my eyes are still a bit burney from burning all those matches LOL


justkc said...

That is so neat. My kids are really, really not ready for it (patience or fire safety wise!) but it is beautiful!

Is that a world map under glass on your table? That makes me want a glass top table!

Darcy said...

KC - sure is :) We try to keep something 'educational' under there at all times. We've used a clear vinyl shower curtain as a table cloth in the past on our old table to create the same effect.

Kristen said...

In the winter we have candles at every meal and save the matches to make this craft. We save the wax too and make new candles! Thanks for the pictures!

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