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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

We are Rainmakers

We started our science project for this week, and before we knew it, it was already 1:30 - I wish all of our school days flew that fast!!

We've been studying clouds and rain, so decided to make a cloud mobile. However, Mom did not follow the directions well (recurring theme?) so our mobile really didn't do well. We improvised by creating a wall hanging of sorts on a post in the dining area.
Cloud Mobile - wall hanging
  • Use posterboard to create vague cloud shapes
  • Use cotton balls to mimic the structure of a cloud. You can do both sides of the posterboard as one side dries for a 3-d effect. Use puffy balls for cumulus cloud arrangements, small bits of cotton ball spread thin for cirrus clouds. Nimbus is a smaller cumulus arrangement. Stratus clouds are pulled thin, but not whispy. use as many of the formations as you are studying - we stuck to the main 4, and added the cumulonimbus as that is their favorite kind of cloud.
  • Punch a hole in the posterboard and string onto a dowel, using fishing line or thin string. Make sure to hang each formation in it's appropriate place in the sky -cirrus clouds will not hang down as far as stratus since they are high elevation formations.
  • An alternative arrangement would be to do the posterboard on only one side, and then place on a wall or display board.
  • we decorated our nimbus/cumulonimbus clouds with punch dots glued to fishing line, construction paper lightning, and cotton ball whisps made into tornados. We also used a marker to color the bottom of those formations to mimic what they look like for rain, to help make them look more realistic.
Enchanted Learning has a great unit for additional cloud information for the lower elementary set.


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