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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pajama Letter Craze

We were expecting snow this morning, lots and lots of snow. So we were ready for a pajama school day with lots of reading and snuggling and running outside to play, then back for more school. The snow never came, but we didn't get out of pj's either.

Spelling is a bit of a touchy subject for us, so I try to find lots of ways to reinforce spelling while making it all fun. Today, we grabbed the Scrabble, Jr. board and realized that the boys don't like the 'baby' version any longer, but Aiden wasn't quite ready to flip the board and play it for real. So, I had them grab a handful of tiles, the timer, an a writing board and begin to see how many words they could create together, and write them on the board. Viola - Homemade Boggle! It helped Aiden with his writing, Connor with his spelling, and the both of them with their working together and observational skills. You could do this with any kind of letter tile, homemade or purchased.


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